About Us

We create immersive works which engage the audience in a multisensory experience, not only engaging the eyes and ears, but also the intellect, memory and empathy.

It is human nature to be fascinated with the edge between what is real and what is fantasy, and Sounding Eye presents work sitting on this edge and transcending it.

We explore our own cultural identities and experiences, and collaborate with artists from varying backgrounds to understand the expansive nature of culture. Our practice focuses on immersive cross-media live performance, expanded experimental animation, and original contemporary music. We not only express our own feelings and the effects of our surroundings, but also share universal emotions, fostering community and kinship, and traversing feelings of loneliness.

Adapting to our current era, we realize that live performance should not be limited to physical settings, and plan to utilise virtual platforms as a space to enhance the physical art work.We are committed to feminism and inclusivity in our work. Sounding Eye is led by women, strives to be antiracist, and focuses on collaboration with a diverse body of artists.


Shiyi Li/ UK based visual artist
Shiyi Li
visual artist, animator and illustrator based in UK.
Gloria Yehilevsky
percussionist, composer and educator based in California, USA.


Lindsey Eastham
award-winning, contemporary percussionist based in London, UK.
James Owston
double bassist, composer and improviser based in UK.
Daniel Kemshell
contemporary jazz guitarist, improviser and based in London, UK.
Aisling Reilly
double bassist, with a passion for contemporary works based in UK.
Xenia Gardel
illustrator based in UK.
Mengxia Liu
illustrator based in UK.
Dingli Yang
collage artist based in UK.
Anthony Storniolo
video artist, percussionist and composer based in USA.

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